Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In the Bathroom

Of all the rooms in our house, I love the bathroom most of all.   When I was a very little cat, I could run under this vanity without even ducking. 

Oh, I can still squish under there, don't worry.  I have a stash of toys way at the back...

All right, so every picture of me can't be all glam & sophisticated.

There's something a little wrong looking about this, isn't there.  Looks PhotoShopped somehow, an arm in the wrong place or something. 

(Pst, my mom doesn't know how to photoshop, so it can't be that)

Oh Hai!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Phoebe is Guest Cat #5

Smiley Girl, Phoebe is our latest Guest Cat.  And what is she smiling about?

She is so happy to be outside and among the flowers!

Phoebe lives in Saskatoon with Brett, Kirby, previous Guest Cat Abby and two more kitties.  

Brett says:
She has been with us for 5 years as of February. Her fur is a beautiful graphite grey that shimmers all the colours of the spectrum in the sunlight. No wonder she loves to be outside - and she knows if she complains enough, someone will take her in the back yard for a walk. Twice if its nice out.
Phoebe was found at the very same spot as our cat Abby. The veterinary assistant nursed Phoebe to health and cared for her until we came looking for another cat to adopt. Phoebe was the first cat to receive an endoscopic spay at the Acadia Animal Clinic we use.
Welcome to our blog family, Phoebe.  We love you very, very much.  Hope you get to spend many afternoons in the sunny, flowery backyard.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It's a cloudy, cold morning.  So we decided to do some blogging at the kitchen table.

As usual I did my part.

My job is to hold down the pages of the books for mom.

'Delete'.....get off Facebook and back to doing something worthwhile!

This Stokes field guide really good.

Really tasty.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Oh wow, there are birds outside...right out side my window...little birds....hopping around. 

Can I go outside and play with them, please?  I'm such a polite kitteh.