Monday, January 27, 2014

Dental Care!

Yep, Mom brushes my teeth - and I don't mind it; not really.  I've chewed up a couple of these little toothbrushes already.  :)

The toothpaste tastes pretty good (it's chicken-flavoured).

I might let my Auntie Carol do this in March, when I'm staying with them.  It's cool if the paste goes everywhere other than in my mouth.  The enzymes will work when I clean my face.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Still Fit!

Tomorrow is recycling bin pick-up day.  Thought I'd give mom a paw with getting things gathered, boxes taken apart....

Wait a minute.... 

A box that looks like I would fit in it

 Yup, See


Well, it isn't any worse, mom, than you trying to fit into those pants you want to take along on your birding trip...just sayin' so stop laughing.


(the bleak look of a cat realizing she isn't a tiny, slim and trim kitten anymore).

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Freddie's Favourite Toy

 I got quite a few new toys and things for Christmas.  I like them, but one new toy is my super favourite.  It came in a big box; my mom likes the bigger thing from the box, but this is mine, all mine...

It is so easy to play with in any room

Here we are in the bathroom

where there isn't a lot of room between the tub and this little table, but isn't that the fun of the whole thing?

And, sometimes things get knocked off....

I didn't get yelled at so nothing broken and nothing new to play with either

Now it's sneaking under the rug

Got it cornered now