Monday, November 21, 2011

I Have a Bunch of Friends

Somebody told my mom she should get another kitty so I would have someone to play with.  Not necessary.   I have tons of friends. 

That bear with the silly face - the one right in the middle....boy, I love to fight with him.  Other than mom, he's prolly my best friend. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guest Cat #3 - Livy

Our wonderful friends, Donna & Dwight, have another little cat, Livy.  She is a very pretty brown/grey tabby.  

This is her story.  Donna writes:
Livy and her brother, Oliver, were born in a snowstorm on May 1, 2010 in a stack of straw bales in our backyard. Their momma, Abby, was a pretty little brown tabby stray that had been hanging around our place for several months -- when we noticed that she was pregnant we took pity on her and starting leaving food out for her.
Livy and her momma, Abby
The little family spent the entire summer in our backyard, sleeping in a "renovated" dog house and playing in the gardens and hunting in the tall grass along the railway track. We already had three cats and weren't keen on adopting more, so in October, before the weather turned cold, we surrendered Abby and Livy to a wonderful organization called Whisker Rescue* in Red Deer, Alberta. Oliver was adopted by Samantha (Dwight's daughter, who is attending college in Ponoka, AB), as a companion for her kitten, Molly (another rescue cat).

Livy, as a kitten
Abby was adopted almost immediately. Livy, however, did not find a home and spent the winter and spring at the "kitty orphanage" getting tamed up by the volunteers. When we lost two of our precious kitties (Simon to Feline Leukemia Virus and Isobel to diabetes) last spring we decided to bring Livy home again. Shortly after, we added Ben to our family.

Livy Now!
Livy is an absolute delight. She is curious about everything, and plays constantly, inventing games that only she understands. Although she doesn't allow us to pick her up, she enjoys pets and ear rubs, and loves to snuggle next to us on the couch and sleep by my side in bed.
We here at Freddie, All The Time absolutely adore Livy. We would like to play with her.

Livy lives with the two previous Guest Cats, Big Ben and Cleo.

*Whisker Rescue just completed their 1000th adoption!! Freddie blog will do a feature blog on Whisker Rescue soon. But, go visit their website now



Saturday, November 12, 2011

It Happens Here

This is the innocent-looking toilet paper hamper in the bathroom.

I happen to be able to get into it all by myself

I've kept this quiet for a long time now, but mom caught me the other day

Exposed!!!!  (or maybe over-exposed!)

Yes, this is where the transformation takes place.  I go from being an ordinary mayhem-creating little cat to the all-powerful LaserEye, the Super Flying (but as yet uncaped) Crusader Cat!  Mayhem stand back!  Here comes complete chaos!  Heh-heh-heh....just thinking up my next project...

Sorta like Clark Kent's telephone booth, n'est-ce pas?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fridays With Freddie - The Kitten Covers

Something a little different for Fridays With Freddie this week.  We found a very funny and charming blog about transforming classic album covers into The Kitten Covers

Here's a sample:  The RaMEOWnes

and David Meowie

This one just cracked us up this morning (well, my mom anyway)....Bob Kitten.

Go visit this blog - show these creative people some internet admiration.  There's too little really good humour in the world today.  The Kitten Covers helps balance things out.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First Vet Visit

Yep, last Wednesday was another first for me. First visit to Prairie Animal Health Center here in Estevan.  Since I am a pretty good-natured cat, I won't complain - a lot.  I knew something weird was up soon as I got shoved in the carrier.  It didn't feel like a road trip.

This is the office.  There was a cat howling in the back, poor kitty.

I looked at pictures on the wall

This is Mel.  She's a vet tech.  I weighed in at 1.84 kg. 

Gak, some deworming stuff into my mouth. 

Oh man, this was just awful.  I thought Mel was really, really nice and liked her a lot up to this point!!

This is Dr. Jeff.   I wasn't very co-operative about letting him listen to my innards.  Sorry 'bout that.  He's pretty nice, too.

I chewed on Mom's hand for awhile.  That made me feel a little better, a little more in-charge and powerful.

The next part is undocumented as mom had to hold me down while that 
'nice' Dr. Jeff stuck needles into my rear parts.  TWO!  One each side. 

Many thanks (and I mean that, I really do) to Dr. Jeff Burgermann, Mel and all the other very nice, pleasant, helpful staff at Prairie Animal Health Center & Pet Motel of Estevan.

Good to be back home.  I went directly to my safe-spot and rested for a little while with Blue Mousie.

I was shortly racing around as if nothing had happened.  I don't hold grudges!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fridays With Freddie - #?

I did not knock a whole bunch of things off this shelf....

Okay, Okay, maybe I pushed a couple of small books....and a pair of glasses...and a bottle of hand lotion (sheesh, it was plastic, it didn't break)....and I guess there was a little white tube that really rolled around the floor - that goop she puts on her lips...

I like it up here.  Just fits me.  There is a sunbeam and what do we have here?  Dangly toys?  Yessir, a good place for a small, cute cat.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Go Fetch

I have a very favourite toy

Quite often (okay, several times a day; all right, many times), I drop my toy at my mom's feet - wherever she is in the house.  She throws it, and I chase and bring it back.

Most fun thing ever.

I always come trotting back to her feet with my toy in my mouth. 

Someone said I was just like a dog.  Huh?  What's a dog?  I really doubt I'm at all like a dog.  I am a CAT, and I expect, a Superior Cat at That!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Neos & Me

O hai!  (that's icanhascheezburger tawk)

Had such a busy day yesterday.  Whew.  Mom was cleaning up her camping and hiking stuff.

Neos!  She says they are the greatest thing for wading around in marshes.  I say they are a whole lot of fun to play in.

Hey, I stick my head into hiking boots, too.

Things with strings...I just love things with strings.

My mom says:  Neos are one-piece water-proof overboots - like, slip on over the hiking boot, wraps & fastens around the leg up to the knee.  No water gets in unless over the top.  Great to take along to the wet tropics as they take up very little room in the luggage - keeps the boots dry and are easy to clean.  Absolutely the best piece of outdoor equipment I've found in a long time.  In fact, I think I'll check to see if there's a 'winter' type, so I can continue to walk in my super comfortable & much-loved hiking boots.

Yay, there are winter types.  (I have the Trekkers).