Sunday, May 13, 2012

Freddie & The Flowers

Happy Mother's Day!  My mum's pretty good.  We were outside again today.  I love being out in the yard.  There are dogs and a little kid next door.  I haven't decided if I'm scared of them or not.

They seem okay.  A few flowers are blooming.

These little yellow irises are pretty.

I'd like to catch one of those little yellow birds (goldfinches)

Have a nice day!


  1. Nice flower K. Freddie's belly is a little low though. Just kidding

    1. Thanks re the flowers. Ha, yes, Freddie is a little chunky. As soon as we finish up the last bit of kitten chow, it will be adult diet food in limited quantities, I'm afaid

  2. I think the way the black is patterned adds a "full" look to her tummy. She's certainly no tiny kitten any longer. So sad that kittenhood (if that's a word) is so short.

  3. True, and Fred was standing in a half-crouch because the dogs next door were looking at her through the fence. Still....

    Ah, kittenhood, such a fleeting thing. She was once so tiny she would fit into my bathrobe pocket....memories.... Smile.