Saturday, September 15, 2012

Still Here

Ahem, nobody has taken any pictures of me lately.  Here I am, two weeks ago, keeping watch over my yard.

There are some little greeny-brown birds in the yard today (my mother says they are Ovenbirds) that strut around with their tails bobbing up and down.  Funny little things.  One parades around in and out of the plants at the edge of the lawn - just out of my reach!  This stupid leash won't stretch.... 


  1. Very nice photo Freddie. Our cats Phoebe and Abby would like to catch a little bird too. However, grasshoppers seem to be the toy of choice as they are easier to catch.
    Did you get frost last night? We did. Had to cover the tomatos and herbs.
    Hope you are both well.

  2. Thanks, Brett. Freddie only gets the occasional grasshopper - loads of fun, those things. Hope Phoebe & Abby are well. Also hope you & Kirby are having a great summer/fall. We had a light frost, but nothing seems to have died yet. I only had a few tomatoes. I hope your garden was a great one this year.