Sunday, November 25, 2012


I had to stay home alone again this week.  My mother came home all ravers about how cute Emma The Dog is.  Pfffffttttt.  

Okay, so Emma is a pretty girl Golden Retriever

This is her backyard

 Here she is with her mom, Elline, feeding wild birds

 Having fun running

and jumping over the snow banks

She's a good-looking dog, for sure.

Hi, Emma - you won't chase me if I come to visit, will you?

We LOVE you.


  1. And a very beautiful golden she is... My first dog was a golden/shorthair cross (now known as designer dogs) and a wonderful hunter. The hunting breeds make wonderful family pets that's for sure...:)

    1. Tks, TB. Emma is a smart, sweet-natured girl.