Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lucky Squirrel

My friend Squirrel is the luckiest squirrel in town, considering the good things my mom tosses out for it to eat....

Today it is raw pecans.  My mom loves raw pecans and last winter when we were in Arizona, she bought several bags of these things.  I don't care for them myself.

Well, this weekend, in a flurry of fridge-cleaning activity, she (my mom) found a small bag of pecans way at the back of a shelf, tasted them, and found them maybe a little 'off'.  Well, what the heck, we are going down to Arizona again pretty soon....

So Squirrel got a treat - and boy, did she ever like these pecans!

Yep, best fed squirrel in town.  She lives in the big spruce tree in the front yard.

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