Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Neos & Me

O hai!  (that's icanhascheezburger tawk)

Had such a busy day yesterday.  Whew.  Mom was cleaning up her camping and hiking stuff.

Neos!  She says they are the greatest thing for wading around in marshes.  I say they are a whole lot of fun to play in.

Hey, I stick my head into hiking boots, too.

Things with strings...I just love things with strings.

My mom says:  Neos are one-piece water-proof overboots - like, slip on over the hiking boot, wraps & fastens around the leg up to the knee.  No water gets in unless over the top.  Great to take along to the wet tropics as they take up very little room in the luggage - keeps the boots dry and are easy to clean.  Absolutely the best piece of outdoor equipment I've found in a long time.  In fact, I think I'll check to see if there's a 'winter' type, so I can continue to walk in my super comfortable & much-loved hiking boots.

Yay, there are winter types.  (I have the Trekkers).


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