Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First Vet Visit

Yep, last Wednesday was another first for me. First visit to Prairie Animal Health Center here in Estevan.  Since I am a pretty good-natured cat, I won't complain - a lot.  I knew something weird was up soon as I got shoved in the carrier.  It didn't feel like a road trip.

This is the office.  There was a cat howling in the back, poor kitty.

I looked at pictures on the wall

This is Mel.  She's a vet tech.  I weighed in at 1.84 kg. 

Gak, some deworming stuff into my mouth. 

Oh man, this was just awful.  I thought Mel was really, really nice and liked her a lot up to this point!!

This is Dr. Jeff.   I wasn't very co-operative about letting him listen to my innards.  Sorry 'bout that.  He's pretty nice, too.

I chewed on Mom's hand for awhile.  That made me feel a little better, a little more in-charge and powerful.

The next part is undocumented as mom had to hold me down while that 
'nice' Dr. Jeff stuck needles into my rear parts.  TWO!  One each side. 

Many thanks (and I mean that, I really do) to Dr. Jeff Burgermann, Mel and all the other very nice, pleasant, helpful staff at Prairie Animal Health Center & Pet Motel of Estevan.

Good to be back home.  I went directly to my safe-spot and rested for a little while with Blue Mousie.

I was shortly racing around as if nothing had happened.  I don't hold grudges!

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