Friday, June 22, 2012

So Proud.....

If Uncle Gene & Auntie Carol could see me now, they would be proud...I just know it.  I was at their place in Tucson the first time I was put on a leash.  Errr, I got tangled up in a chair, it made loud noises and I went a little nuts.  That's all in the past.

Here I am in our garden.

Catnip grows here

The neighbours just let their stupid dogs out

I'm going to go over and stare at them.   Drives 'em nuts.  They start to bark, get yelled at and put back inside.  Ha.

Mom's favourite rose.  It's called Prairie Sunrise or maybe it is Prairie Sunset.  It is pretty this morning.  I have been told not to get my leash caught up in it so that the petals tear off - seems that is something She doesn't like! 

Have a very nice day!

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