Sunday, April 6, 2014

One Step At A Time

Many things have happened since our last post - adventures & misfortunes.

The long and short of things is that after a bout of seizures, Freddie is now blind.  

We were away from home when all this happened.  We've been home for about two weeks and Freddie is learning to sense her way around our house, including going up and down the stairs to the basement...the long flight still needs my help, but Freddie is able to do the three stairs from the backdoor up to the kitchen by herself.

She's one amazing little cat.


  1. Oh my goodness, she has quite a steep learning curve again. Sounds like she is managing though with your love. Mom has kept me updated on Freddie somewhat through the Facebook postings. I hope your trip was good even though many of your thoughts were with Freddie. I hope we can get together at the end of May. Would like the opportunity to visit, see your photos, and give Freddie some TLC. Best wishes for spring. Brett

    1. Hi Brett, things are well enough down here, getting a little more accepting & confident every day. Looking forward to seeing you in May, too. Thanks for checking in with us.