Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sunny Afternoon

What a nice day we had yesterday.  The sun was shining but also quite windy.  Mom fixed me up a spot to rest out in the backyard.

The ground is a little cold yet so she hauled out the old quilt from the shed.

She thinks the shaved bit at the back of my head might get sunburned.

Nice, cuddly spot

I do get a little bored, though

Nothing to do but listen to is kind of quiet where we live

There were Snow Geese flying over all day....can't see 'em but I can hear something noisy somewhere above me.

I'm told this is a really nice pic of the apple tree branches

She's quite a nice person, she looks after me very well, but she's never been much of a photgrapher, just sayin'....


  1. She is absolutely beautiful. You are A!, marvelous, extra-ordinary, super, and a wonderful 'mom' to Freddie. She couldn't be in better hands. I didn't know about this. So sorry and hope things can turn around!! You Kathy beat all for compassion and capability and just being a great person. Val

    1. Awww, thanks, Val. I still run second to You in all the above categories. We're getting along here.

  2. Nothing like being out in the sunshine after such a long cold winter....:)