Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy Week

Turns out I have an Auntie Carol.   I didn't know this until last Tuesday.

She got roped into colouring my castle.  I AM a tiny, little princess, you know.

Did she think I wasn't going to help?

I'm pretty good with mouth colouring.


Couldn't we have purple trees?

Oh boy, there's a lot left to do..

Finally....after colouring and playing all afternoon and next morning, my castle was really looking good.

I love playing in it.


  1. Amazingly crafty/artistic pair of sisters. Impressive castle reinforcements at the corners. Did you buy kit, hire a Civil Engineer or design this yourself?

  2. Ha, yes aren't we just soooo very creative. Truth is: on sale at WallyWorld. But, Carol is pretty good at colouring!