Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Caturday!!

I wasn't feeling very well yesterday afternoon and evening.  Had my mom pretty worried because she had sprayed some CedarCide stuff around, and put some on me too, 'cause she figures I have a flea or two.  It's supposed to be safe for little kittens.  Well, the stuff made me feel all snuffly, sleepy and quiet, not at all like my usual self....

Today I'm back in form.  Yep.  Haven't stopped running since breakfast.  And I found a new activity.  This is fun.  I found out I can take the little candles out of the little dishes....

They have these little pick-up things...

I take one over to the playing field.

And Game On!

Such great thing to play with.  It's like a hockey puck with a little handle I can pick up and carry off somewhere else, if I want to. 

I can take them anywhere in the house.  This is SO great

And then I can leave it sitting on the floor where mom can either step on it or kick it under some furniture.  That's called an Added Extra. 

Editor' Note:  Gad, this floor needs refinishing.  I have a lot of renovations to do.  No sense in doing the floors until all the other work is done...someday.   

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