Monday, October 17, 2011

Guest Cat: Cleo

My second Guest Cat is Cleo.  She lives in the same house as Big Ben

Isn't she pretty.  She didn't have a very good life before Donna & Dwight grabbed her off the unkind streets of Stettler

Donna says:
Cleo is almost ten years old. We literally grabbed her off main street on a rainy Sunday in June, 2004, when we saw her weaving in and out of traffic and meowing desperately. She was very skinny with bald patches, and had already delivered a litter of kittens at some point. She also had a very tender ribcage -- the vet suspected someone had kicked her very hard. But she was ready to be loved, and willing to take a chance with us.

After we brought her home and gave her something to eat, she ran into the living room and jumped into Dwight's lap and gave him a "kiss" on the cheek. She did the same thing to Samantha. Then it was off to our bedroom where she curled up on the foot of the bed and slept -- the same place she has been sleeping ever since.

Cleo doesn't like other cats and she can be downright grumpy at times, but we love our "cat of many colours".
 I guess so!!  And we love her too. 


  1. Thank you Donna and Dwight! Cleo looks great!

  2. Freddie here...Hi, Brett. We passed your Thanks along to D&D. Cleo is a great cat; Donna & Dwight are fantastic people.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I believe you & Kirby have some cats too - email us some pix for future Guest Cat Blogs, 'kay?

  3. Hi Kathy and Freddie. Yes we have four female cats. I will send photos sometime. Freddie is fantastic - we named our new siamese fighting fish Freddie. I always check the blogs - love em.