Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's Caturday...Again

Hi!  Well, this week mom & I went off RVing again.  Three days & two nights.  It was fun.  A little too much time in my carrier perhaps...

Our RV is a big Sprinter van.

This is the front - my stuff, and I kept dragging out mom's boots.  Great laces on those things.

And this is the back - my stuff.

I like to sneak up on nefarious critters like this pink thing.

Turned out to be my very favourite toy all one evening and the next morning; well, when mom & I weren't playing fetch my other toy.  She'd throw it on the dash and I'd jump up to get it and bring it back.  27 times in one go, according to mom.  She was trying to blog.  Ha.

From inside my kennel - what the heck, thought I'd try...

What a work-out!

I didn't mind sleeping all the way home after all that exercise.

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