Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

This is my first Thanksgiving!  I was informed I would not be included in the family gathering down the street at my Aunt Doris'.  That's okay; there are dogs there - dogs that would scare me.

I'm big enough to jump up on things now.  And, I have a new favourite spot - it's up on the buffet in the kitchen. My mom's grandfather made this a long time ago.

There's a dish of Hallowe'en candy.  Mom's already eaten one bag! 

I'm helping her stop by picking up the little candy bars and flinging them on the floor.  If nothing else, she gets some exercise!

Waiting for the phone to ring...Ailyn will be calling sometime today.  Just talked to Henry's mom.  She wanted Grandma's pumpkin pie recipe (the best ever, according to my mom).

Besides, the answering machine is warm.  Mom's using the laptop at the moment - that's where I really like to sleep.  Not only is it warm, it makes all sorts of little beeps and rings when I stand on the keys. 

I have so much fun!

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